Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long long time ago

Ok for Martin Luther King day my friend stephanie and I decided to make a special cake for a f.h.e activity! Well all i can say is we got bored and decided to scarf it, Dustin, Michelle and Steph have the best chocolate faces... I didn't post a pic of me why you ask? because, I'm already chocolate! :) Dustin and all his glory!
Steph and Michelle, steph... no words!

Stuffing the face~

Awesome craftmanship

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Institute Dance!!

Every month... This is something I look forward too, I know I know.. who wants to go to an institute dance, well my friend i happily raise my hand, you know why... why... hmmm? Because it's the BOMB! And of course before every dancing event I've got to get food in my belly, what better place than.... Red Lobster!!!

( I was shocked at how beautiful everything looked!)

(Picture with the cowboy... yes a cowboy!)


(More dancing....)

(Dancing... and stopping to pose!)

(posing some more)

(what's with us posing?)

(more dancing/posing)

(and yet again!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ok... first thing is first!

Ok first official blog business... I'm sorry but I have to post it..


whew... now that part of yelling is out of my system, I shall now talk about the importance of Utah winning! Why is it important you say?? Well I am so glad you asked... The importance of Utah winning is to show that we are NUMBER 1 BABY!!! Just kidding, but it's about time Utah is being recognized for football, I mean come on, just because we are the great beehive state doesn't mean we can't play foozball... what are you smokin? Anyhoo, I will have to say if anyone watched the game they would have noticed 2 things... 1. Alabamas quarterback just wasn't doing so hot, and 2. They showed alot of the Utah band, I guess the band was just that awesome.. you go flute players!

Ok... This may seem anti-whatever but I am proud of Byu too, I know I like both the U and Y... so stone me! .. .. sorry, but for my cougar pride here is something to represent that!

(Go BYU next year... you are gonna need it against Oklahoma!)


Well i did delete my last blog... my bad everyone, But here is the new improved, ok well not so improved but here it is ok!